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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adjustment power supply values 1.25-15V Max current 0.5 amp

This is power supply that have Voltage output fine the value has 1.25-15V. From by Output current that be valuable about 0.5 amp that 12V and 0.2 amp that 15V.
When Volt , from 220V houses reach transformer. It will modify Volt 220V to be 18VAC already to change rectifier circuit. Which D1, D2, C1 and R1 wasp be Full wave rectifier circuit. For modify DCV to ACV to a signal DCV. It make get a signal DCV that have voltage at pin 3 of IC1 be 20V. From that time DCV signal this reach fight DC Regulator circuit. Which use IC number LM317. This circuit will perform to maintain one’s position Voltage smoothly. Which level output voltage at get this will go out the way pin 2 of IC1. By have capacitors C2 be voltage filter in order that voltage output level of the circuit is will high class modify to follow fining. The performing fee withstands VR1 there.