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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It uses integrated number circuit LM317T be important equipment. It can have the trend comes out about 1A by is character circuit DC voltage regulated. And have the circuit protects good. We can fix output voltage get from R1,R2. The diode D3-D4 (1N4002) use protect voltage flow turn back be bad with IC get. The Capacitors in the circuit helps Filter voltage smoothly and completed most. The transformer should choose 1A -2A size for current well sir.

10A Variable Regulator power supply with LM350

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This be Variable Regulator power supply Circuit. That be High Current Source 10amp. By use the integrated circuit LM350. Which usual it controls Voltage output get 1.2V to 25V and give current about 3Amp. But when bring parallel 3 pcs. Can give current output be 10Amp max for this circuit. It can adjustable voltage output get 4.5V to 25V at 10Amp. Other detail please see in the website Link.

DC Power supply adjust voltage regulator 1.5 Volt - 15Volt 3Amp

I wants DC Power supply adjust voltage regulator 1.5 Volt - 15Volt, and give current about 3 Amp for in the work experiences all electronics. As seek many the circuit , meet that this circuit easily , use integrated number circuit LM1084 for control voltage model regulator adjustable voltage 1.5V - 15V. With fining decorates VR1. And should feedInput AC 18V 3A low like besides should hold let off the heat gives the integrated circuit LM1084 with. For the detail , see in the circuit.