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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Strain gage Amplifier

Form on the left is the amplifier PCB Stain Gage can measure up to two channels through integrated bridge circuit to detect changes in resistance. When loaded action allows the stain gage resistance to change, so will the bridge circuit imbalance with the relationship. Eo / Ei = Rg2 / (Rg2 R)-Rg1 / (Rg1 R) and use changes, the pressure is used to amplify signals with the INA129 or INA 2126P when the amplifier and then put the LPF to eliminate signals that are not needed. out that in this 10Hz cut off frequency and then the adjustment to the DC-offset voltage can be adjusted to start at the center or at the time. And will then be issued to signal Vo, such as Digital Signal Processing and DAQ or Micro controller be contacting the Rs-232.

Labview rs232

Rs232 is a communication between Hardware and Software can be applied in measurement such as Data-Logger The Software has many led to writing, such as Labview ni we use ni as a receptor for the Hardware because they can write. No matter how small it is easy to program graphic Language and Hardware for PIC Micro controller family by writing to the PIC program to send and receive data between the Hw / Sw and the information obtained to be graphed, or stored in Lab tops.In general, job monitoring various vital that we want to bring up the display, whether to a Personal computer or LCD displays various reasons, we want to bring that information to store and brought forth. Analysis later. In this section we will discuss implementation of the inspection data to knowledge (Sensor) through the Micro Controller to display a Program labview using the receiver. When the first step and open up to the block diagram-> Instrument I / O -> Serial then block the following name.1.configure Port.2.Read.3.Clode.Values that have come out that the data is still of type String, we are able to convert to Double the number to be displayed as waveform graph.