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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

50V 2A power supply circuit design – adjustable

LM10 makes this 50V power supply a quality one. With 2 LM10 we can build a short circuit protected power supply, with adjustable output voltage and current.
The output voltage increases linear with P1 and P3 adjust the current. P2 is used for adjusting the maximum output current (2A). This 50V power supply has a minimum output voltage arround 0.4V and maximum 45V. For 50V the main transformer is 42V / 2A, C5 = 4700uF / 80V, T4 = BF257, T6, T7 = BD245B . R12 has 470Ω / 5W.
If a short circuit appears the final transistor wont burn if are cooled enough.