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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Strain gage Amplifier

Form on the left is the amplifier PCB Stain Gage can measure up to two channels through integrated bridge circuit to detect changes in resistance. When loaded action allows the stain gage resistance to change, so will the bridge circuit imbalance with the relationship. Eo / Ei = Rg2 / (Rg2 R)-Rg1 / (Rg1 R) and use changes, the pressure is used to amplify signals with the INA129 or INA 2126P when the amplifier and then put the LPF to eliminate signals that are not needed. out that in this 10Hz cut off frequency and then the adjustment to the DC-offset voltage can be adjusted to start at the center or at the time. And will then be issued to signal Vo, such as Digital Signal Processing and DAQ or Micro controller be contacting the Rs-232.