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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

5V 5A Higher currents by LM340-5 and 2N4398

If you want circuit to use a higher current regulator - up to 5A regulators are available. Please see here circuit,it good idea very much. In this circuit, the transistor Q1 is used to share some of the current supplied. The voltage regulator maintains the output voltage, and still operates short circuit protection.

5V 5A Higher currents  by LM340-5 and 2N4398
The current that the transistor takes is set by the resistor values R1 and R2, and is I = R2/R1 * RegulatorCurrent. The example shown converts a 1A regulator into a 5A (4A for the transistor plus 1A for the regulator) voltage regulator circuit. See the LM340 datasheet for a full description of this circuit.